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Is Early Ejaculation a Treatable Condition?

Whenever a man ejaculates prematurely or before time during sexual activity is called early ejaculation and it is a ubiquitous problem for men. However, it isn’t ascertaining that in the length of time a guy should ejaculate during intercourse. But, should you ejaculate early or inside a minute as well as your partner isn’t satisfied it also results in a disappointing situation for your better half and yourself during intercourse.

Based on research, among 30% to 40% of male human population is facing this issue within their existence. So, don’t be concerned whether it happens infrequently. Please still continue reading to educate yourself regarding reasons for Early Ejaculation.

Reasons for Early Ejaculation:

It may be classified into two groups and both can enjoy an important role in Early Ejaculation.

1.Mental Causes:- Issue is frequent in mental causes that may may play a role including insufficient confidence, anxiety, stress and depression, fretting about early ejaculation before you begin. For instance, in case your previous sexual performance was undesirable, you might have struggling with these causes.

2. Biological Causes:- In Biological causes, problems might have produced by yourself can lead to early ejaculation, incorporating of extravagant consumption of alcohol, genetic traits inherit from partners, unusual hormonal levels as well as an infection inside your urethra gland.

Personal Development:

Below pointed out would be the couple of self-improvement techniques, you are able to seek prior to getting into treatment.

• Whenever you believe that you’re going to ejaculate, speak to your partner to prevent stimulation. Relax as it were and begin again.

• You may also masturbate to ejaculate a minumum of one to 2 hrs before to possess sex.

• You should use special thicker walled condom to lessen stimulation.

• You are able to breathe deeply because it increases Oxygen levels towards the brain to manage premature release.


First of all, if you’re facing an actual or biological condition, you are able to meet with a specialist for medical attention of the stated condition. Next, in situation of mental factors , have to avoid negativity.

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